Examples of customer feedback

Here are some examples of feedback from satisfied customers of White Rose Genealogy:

 "I was surprised and delighted at the thoroughness and the extent of the coverage of our family story all the way back to 1798, and at such a fair price. Thank you"

Mr RS, Bristol

"You clearly enjoy your work! The family history report made a wonderful surprise Christmas present for my husband. It was fascinating to learn so much about his ancestors' origins as immigrants in early 19th century London."

Mrs JR, Lancaster

"I had never thought that I would be able to trace my family history back much beyond my grandparents but the research revealed connections back several more generations and the level of detail was beyond my expectations. All the source material was either provided or referenced, providing a great platform for further research. I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking to trace their family history."

Mr WK, Cheshire

"You certainly have a talent for working with family history information. We have been hugely impressed with the research which goes into the development of family trees and would be very happy to recommend your services to anyone."

Mr JM, Essex

"Thanks - a superb job!"

Mr WH, Herefordshire

"I was impressed by the amount of detail and information you uncovered and the care taken to authenticate the family tree. The folder, CD and charts are excellent value for money and make lovely birthday presents. I will recommend you without hesitation. Thank you."

Mrs JM, Lancaster