Professional, affordable family history research

Services offered

Note: As from April 2015 I am able to offer a extra feature as part of my standard family history research packages. Your family history report will include extracts from historic Ordnance Survey maps, showing you exactly where your ancestors lived, and how the area looked at that time, thanks to a special licensing agreement with the National Library of Scotland

1) Standard research packages

I offer a choice of packages with a fixed price research fee:

"One surname" package - £180

This will follow one line of your family (usually, but not necessarily, the paternal line) as far as possible through online records to around the start of the 19th century. From Census records you will be able to learn where your ancestors lived, where they were born, their occupations, and who their families and neighbours were.

You will receive a formal printed family history report, including a full colour family history chart (up to A3 size), plus a CD, including images of all relevant census sheets, copies of additional reports and charts, plus a copy of your family tree database which you can use as the basis for further research if you wish.

Typically, this might take you back 4 or 5 generations (ie great grandparents, or great great grandparents), depending on the age of the person you start from.

"One family" package - £360 

This provides research back on all lines of one of your recent ancestors (usually a parent or grandparent). Typically, it will provide a comprehensive family history going back 4 or 5 generations to the early 1800's, for someone who was born around 1920-30. You will receive the same information as for the standard package, but for very many more ancestors and their families, giving you a comprehensive family history.

Premium package - £490

This is the same as the "One family" package but effectively doubles the amount of research so that it can cover, typically, two entire families, going back 4-5 generations each. It provides a more cost effective way to research an entire family where the person who is the starting point was born more recently (eg 1940-1960)

 Additional charges - BMD Certificates

The prices quotes above assume that it will be possible to complete the research without needing to purchase any certificates of registration of births, marriages, or deaths (BMDs). In some cases it may be necessary to purchase one or more of these certificates to "unlock" a particular line, in which case it will be agreed with you in advance and done at cost price only (currently £9.25 per certificate). You may also wish to purchase some BMD certificates for key ancestors to enhance the quality of the research and I would encourage this as it is good practice. I can advise on the best options as the research progresses.

(Please note that, In addition to the standard research fees quoted above, there will also be a small additional charge to cover postage of the final report)

Scottish & Irish ancestors 

There may be additional charges for researching ancestors who lived in either Scotland or Northern Ireland. This is because the main records are only available on a "pay per view" basis, which means that I cannot access them without additional cost. In this case I will need to pass on the extra charges for accessing these records to you, at cost price. I will always make sure you are aware of this and are happy with the likely cost before proceeding.


I can also provide a number of enhancements to the standard packages above, including:

  • Adding family photos, digitally restored and enhanced
  • Supplying Family Tree Maker software 
  • Supplying additional BMD Certificates
  • Producing a customised summary report incorporating photos or other images
  • Provision of a luxury report folder
  • Producing additional reports for other family members

Please contact me for further details


In practice, I have found that almost every project I do is a little bit different, and the standard packages may not be exactly what will suit you best. I can adapt my service to meet your exact needs and would encourage you to make early contact with me so we can discuss your requirements. Pricing would still be in accordance with the general packages outlined above.

2) Flexible online research

I can also provide a flexible online research service, charged at a rate of £12 per hour. It can be surprising how much information can be gathered through a couple of hours online research. In some cases this might be the most cost effective way to get some key information about your family, if for instance you have already done some initial research yourself and need to fill in some gaps. I will discuss your requirements with you in advance and agree a maximum level of time so that the cost is always under control.

3) Software set up and support

I can also supply a copy of the family history software "Family Tree Maker", install this onto your home PC together with your family tree database, and provide basic training on its use, at a cost of £30 plus software (at cost price, which will depend on the version of Family Tree Maker you want to purchase. Depending on your location, I may also need to charge for travel costs.

4) Photography

I can provide photographic services for locations within Lancashire, Cumbria & West Yorkshire, such as photographs of monumental inscriptions or buildings or places of historical significance for your family. Images will be supplied digitally. Please contact me for details.

I can also convert your old prints of family photos to digital images, and provide you with enlargements and prints. This includes repair and restoration of damaged or poor quality images.

5) Parish & historical records

I have considerable experience of working with parish records, especially in West Yorkshire, and may be able to help you go back further in time before census records started. If you live outside the area I can also visit reference libraries and local records offices in Lancashire, Cumbria, and West Yorkshire on your behalf.

6) Converting manual records to database

If you have a handwritten family tree, partial or complete, I can organise and check this data, fill in the gaps, and turn it into a computer database for you, with all data sources correctly referenced