Your family's history revealed!


Like many things in life, the development of the internet has revolutionised family history research. Instead of spending many hours poring over paper files in dusty reference libraries, it is now possible to research much of a person's family history quickly and accurately using a variety of online databases.

Many people can do this for themselves, and it can be extremely rewarding to do so. But I've heard so many people say "yes I'd really like to find out about my ancestors, but never quite find the time". Or you may simply not know where to start.

This is where I can help. I offer a flexible and affordable professional research service which can quickly trace your family history back to the early part of the nineteenth century. In doing this, I will create a database for your family tree which you can then take over and use yourself. You could use it to print out your own reports and charts, or do further research on other branches of your family as and when you wish.

If you already have some family history information (perhaps a handwritten sketch family tree produced by a relative) I can also organise and check this data, fill in the gaps, and incorporate it into the database for you.

And don't worry if you don't love computers - you will still get a personalised, printed report and colour printed family tree chart (A3 size) that you can keep and share with your family.

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About myself

I am an experienced family history researcher who specialises in online research. I have researched literally hundreds of families, not just in West Yorkshire, but in many parts of England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland

With a professional background in urban regeneration, I have had a lifelong interest in people and the places they live in, and am a skilled researcher and report writer. I also enjoy working with computers, which helps!

I am based in North Lancashire but regularly travel to West Yorkshire, so I am well placed to visit archives and local reference libraries throughout Lancashire, Cumbria, & West Yorkshire

Special Interests

As you will see from this website, I have a particular interest in the Holme Valley area of West Yorkshire, where my own family go back many generations and are rooted in the woollen textile industry. I have considerable background knowledge of that area and its historical records, and understand its geography and the very complex pattern of ancient townships and parishes that cross the area like a rather annoying jigsaw! This is particularly helpful when working with pre-1837 parish records. I am also familiar with many of the non-conformist records that are so important in tracing families in this area.

I also have a particular interest in the history of the families who, like my own, were involved in the manufacturing of woollen textiles in the Holme Valley. I have researched several of these families as a parallel exercise to my work on the red memo book. I would be happy to share and exchange information with anyone else who has a similar interest.